I travel 2 hours to my boat shop: Fort Fremont Marine
The only boat shop for my extended family, is Fort Fremont Marine. Over the years, and decades, a local well-known-local-boat-shop that urges us to get out on the water, pronounced my boat (17' Lund, bench seater, 25merc) 'dead' for supposed low-pressure-this or weak-structural-that: not once but twice over a couple of summers. And implored me to upgrade and buy one of their pricey boats. BOTH TIMES I took it to FFM who fixed it for a couple hundred bucks - and it's still running awesome many years later. I just bought a new MERC115 for a different boat, and the team has been unbelievable as usual - even where I messed some things up in ordering/paying. It's a no brainer - and worth the 2 hour drive for me. This shop 'gets it'. Sincerely, Murph (Employee: Dan Thomson)
mark murphy
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