employee of John Noel< Compass Properties
the experience of Johns Polaris Ranger Crew was top notch from the first time we researched the machine online up to the the actual purchase of the machine. Dan and his staff were great to work with, he gave us some pretty decent discounts on the options that John wanted. we were very pleased with the fact that he found a Ranger in Blue from another dealer and brought it to Fort Fremont Marine for us. The final price was much cheaper than other places we had saw online. The service dept again, top notch. They actually sent a service tech out to the Noel residence to install signal lights and replace the spotlight that wasnt working properly. The service staff is also up on all the latest recalls, i had to bring the machine in for a recall they had me out of there in a little over an hour which was pretty impressive. If we have to buy another Polaris product or boat we would definately go with Fort Fremont Marine. Thanks for the great service, Mark Janowski (Employee: Dan Thomson)
mark janowski
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