A great experience!
Dan helped me order my 2 new Sportsman Tourings (570 & 850)... When other dealers were promising short delivery times just to get my business, Dan was honest and upfront about the Polaris factory timeline to build and ship to the dealer, he kept me in the loop on my order as it progressed and if there was a delay in the process from Polaris, I couldn't imagine being at a different dealership only to hear week after week there was a delay and another delay and another delay in your order because they over promised on delivery... Dan made this a one of a kind experience with his knowledge and honesty for me especially since I have never bought new machines before. The folks at Fort Fremont Marine treated my family like one of their own and I look forward to doing business with them again, and I hope anyone reading this does too! (Employee: Dan Thomson)
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Adam Dobbert
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