Great Dealership
We ordered a pair of General 4's last year and got caught in the Covid waiting game! But Thank to Fort Fremont and the entire gang for making the ordeal as enjoyable as possible. Obviously the wait was out of anyone's hands, so losing patients over that would have done nobody any good. In the meantime we stopped in from time to time choosing options to be added, and talking about ideas we had. Dan made it a point to contact us anytime he heard need of delivery dates or further delays. Everytime we popped in to look around, we were ALWAYS greeted with friendly faces. From parts, to service on a couple other machines while we waited, they always took the time to BS with us and we always had a few laughs. When the rides finally came in, we were surprised at how quickly all the options were put on and the machines ready to go! Sometimes a wait isn't such a bad thing as we were able to add to our down payments and get more options put on from the get go! In fact, we were so impressed and pleased that we bought a third rig, a new Ranger 1000 for the farm this past week! I called and found they had a machine I wanted in stock being set up. By close of business the following day I was on the way home with it. Find you a good local dealer like Fort Fremont and create a friendship and not just a purchase. You won't regret it. I highly recommend that if you are looking for a great personal and professional dealership .... Choose these guys! We will be back for many years to come!
Patrick Eger
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